7° Simposio Latinoamericano de Química de Coordinación y Organometálica – SILQCOM, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, 27-30 agosto 2019

Dear colleagues:

On behalf of the organizing committee, we have the pleasure to invite you to join us at the upcoming 7th Latin American Symposium on Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry (7° SIMPOSIO LATINOAMERICANO DE QUIMICA DE COORDINACIÓN Y ORGANOMETÁLICA – SILQCOM7) to be held in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, from 27th to 30th of August, 2019 at Hotel Caribe.

The symposium will present the latest research in synthesis and applications of coordination and organometallic chemistry covering diverse areas such as catalysis, bioinorganic chemistry and inorganic materials (e.g. metal nanoparticles, MOF’s, coordination polymers, etc.). Within these areas, we have the following plenary speakers:

Makoto Fujita, The University of Tokyo-Japan (Pending of confirmation)
William Jones, University of Rochester, USA
Bruno Chaudret, LPCNO INSA-Toulouse, France
Pierre Dixneuf, Chemistry Sciences Institute of Rennes, France
Kara Bren, University of Rochester, USA
Jairton Dupont, Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil
Matthias Driess, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Aiwen Lei, University of Wuvan, China

Additionally, young researchers like bachelor (B. Sc.), M.Sc., PhD students or postdocs will have the opportunity to be part of the 40 short oral communications given in the symposium.

We look forward to seeing/welcoming you all in/to the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias.

Edwin A. Baquero
Carolina Blanco
John Hurtado

Chair and Vice-chairs of SILQCOM7


Deadline Abstract Submission: May 20, 2019
Deadline Early Bird Registration: May 31, 2019





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