The Functional Coordination Chemistry Laboratory (Bezdek Group) in the Chemistry and Applied Biosciences Department of ETH Zurich has fully-funded PhD position

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Postdoctoral Position in Organometallic Chemistry and Asymmetric Catalysis (18 months) Case studies of nonlinear effects in asymmetric catalysis: elucidating principals and applications Work place: IPCMS CNRS – University of Strasbourg Expected starting date: October-December 2021 Contract Period: 18 months Gross Salary: 2680€ / month Scientific Supervisor: Dr. Stéphane BELLEMIN-LAPONNAZ Keywords: Organometallic chemistry, asymmetric catalysis, non-linear […]

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The Organizing Committee and the European Organometallics Division of EuChems have announced that this year’s EuCOMC XXIV will be held online between September 1st and 3rd due to the pandemic situation. Additional information is provided below. Further information Dear Sir / Madame Due to the pandemic situation and the impossibility of holding a massive public […]

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A post-doc position is available to work on gold chemistry at the “Laboratoire Hétérochimie Fondamentale et Appliquée” of the Université Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier” (France). More information

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Two PhD positions are available to work on Lewis pairs and metal-ligand cooperative catalysis at the “Laboratoire Hétérochimie Fondamentale et Appliquée” of the Université Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier” (France). Phosphine-boranes and carbon materials. More information Cooperative Catalysis for C-P Bond Formation. More information

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The first edition of the GEQONOVEL virtual symposium will be held on March 25. With this event we want that, in these times of total absence of face-to-face meetings, our youngest members have the opportunity to present their work, even in the virtual modality imposed by the pandemic. The program and additional details will be […]

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Dear Colleagues, I hope you had a nice start in the new year 2021! I am writing to you to ask your help to identify suitable candidates for the two professor positions at TUM described below. The search has just started and the call will close during mid February. I would be glad to provide interested candidates […]

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The International Symposium on Homogeneous Catalysis (ISCH) has been postponed to 2021. The final dates will be 5-10 September 2021 in Lisbon. The ISHC has opened the possibility of sending homogeneous catalysis articles for a Virtual Collection that includes articles to all the journals of Chemistry Europe. “The call for contributions to the Virtual Collection […]

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On 22 May 2020, the evaluation committee has decided to award the GEQO 2020 Awards: Rafael Usón Medal to Dr. Javier Cabeza de Marco in recognition of his valuable contributions in the area of organometallic chemistry in the field of metal clusters and small molecule activation. GEQO Award for Research Excellence to Dr. Juan Cámpora […]

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Postdoctoral position opening in Organic and Organometallic Computational Chemistry A Postdoctoral Research Associate position is available for an outstanding and ambitious chemist to join Dr Amalia I Poblador-Bahamonde team at the University of Geneva, working in Computational Chemistry. This 1+1 year position is fully funded with a salary of approximately 65000 CHF/year. The Poblador-Bahamonde group […]

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