Post-doctoral Position Toulouse

Development of energetic compounds: a sustainable approach of the coordination chemistry.

Keywords: Coordination Chemistry – Nitrogen-based heterocycles – d and p bloc metals
Supervisors: Nicolas Mézailles and Montserrat Gómez
Funding: Industrial collaboration with Davey-Bickford company
Grant starting: November 2017

Lead azide is a primary explosive widely integrated in detonators with a high level of safety and reliability, known pyrotechnic performance and which has been used in the industry for 80 years. The European REACH regulation envisages the banning of the use and production of lead salts in a relative short term. This regulatory constraint leads to the rapid finding of sustainable materials and processes.
In this context, the objective of the proposal goes from the conception and design of energetic molecules to their industrial applications. Thus, this project aims to develop the synthesis of energetic metal complexes, mainly containing nitrogen-rich ligands, in aqueous medium, in order to avoid the use of volatile, toxic and harmful organic solvents. We will study the synthesis of water-insoluble complexes, a determining factor in the limitation of environmental contamination factors.
The structure-properties correlation will be a key component for the development of the project. Indeed, the in-depth knowledge of the structures of the proposed / synthesized compounds will lead to the design of materials more efficient for the targeted applications, including modelling.
The candidate should have solid knowledge in molecular chemistry, especially in coordination chemistry of sensitive species, as well as a good background in characterization techniques (NMR, IR, XRD, MS). Expertise in organic chemistry will be particularly appreciated for the development of original ligands.

Applications shall include a motivation letter, a detailed Curriculum Vitae and the contact of two referees.

Contacts: Nicolas Mézailles ( and Montserrat Gómez (



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